Why Choose Plantation Shutters For Windows

Plantation shutters haven’t always been considered chic, but they’re gaining in popularity today. They offer a classic finish to any window, regardless of your preferred style. They use a variety of small elliptical blades that you can adjust by hand with ease. You can move them in different ways depending on the time of day or your needs. You can close them fully for privacy or open them completely to let in the natural sunlight. Many companies offer two styles, including Fauxwood and Timber, ensuring that you can find the best option to fit your budget and needs.

Plantation shutters are lightweight, which means they’re easy to adjust. However, they hold their own when you put them a particular way, so you never have to worry about them slipping back down when you want more natural light in the house. They’re also perfect insulation for cooler temperatures and can keep the heat or cold inside the house. Most options are also termite resistant, as well. They’re made to be durable and last many years, and most of the companies who sell them offer up to 20-year warranties.

At CommandeX, they focus on helping people feel safe in their homes. While plantation shutters aren’t security screens, you can choose to install a security screen as well as the shutters. That way, you get something that looks elegant and makes your home look good while also protecting your assets. If you want a window dressing that allows you to be in full control, these shutters are the best option. You can adjust them the way you want them and can make changes throughout the day to suit your needs. Along with such, you can talk to an expert about how to make them more secure, such as by adding a security screen.

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