Commercial Lawn Maintenance Companies Do More Than Mow

While there are commercial companies providing just basic services for lawn mowing, a true commercial landscaping service does much more than maintain a lawn. They offer year-round services to ensure a great looking property throughout the year.

In fact, these companies can provide a full range of services from assisting with the concept and design of the exterior of the property through to full commercial lawn maintenance services. These companies will have professionals on staff in landscaping design, irrigation system installation, plant selection and care as well as insect and weed control.

The Design and Installation

It is important to have a landscape designer work with the general contractor and others involved in the commercial property design and construction. The landscape designer will ensure the gardens, features, and landscaping selections are the right matches for the property as well the building and grounds.

These same companies will also be able to install irrigation and draining systems as required, including using the most cost and water-efficient systems available.

Long-Term Care

With commercial lawn maintenance services, the same company managing the design and installation of the lawn, plants, and trees will then transition to the maintenance requirements of the property.

This is an ideal option as it provides a comprehensive approach to ensuring all plants and landscaping features are maintained correctly to prevent any loss and the need for replacement. Fertilization, weed control and the correct application of water throughout the year will be managed by the commercial landscaping service.

This combination of the scope of services offered combined with professional equipment, and the highly trained staff is essential for the long-term care and beauty of commercial properties. While mowing, edging and blowing is important for lawn care, it is only a fraction of what any commercial property requires to continue to look its best.

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