No one likes a crawl space. They are dirty, narrow, creepy, and cold. Homeowners will leave going into the crawl space to professionals who may need access to sub-flooring, pipes, or wiring. What owners do not realize is that leaving the crawl space in its original state is costing a lot of money and compromising the health of the family.

Healthy Air Quality

Crawl spaces with dirt floors are constantly damp and intermittently wet. The presence of standing water, combined with the heat of the house, promotes the colonization of mold. The mold grows at a rapid pace and is soon in the walls, floors, and throughout the entire house. The interior air builds up with toxins that cause headaches, asthma, respiratory issues, nausea, dizziness, and chronic illnesses.

Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma, WA protects the space from top to bottom. Keeping moisture and water out eliminates the mold problem in that space. It also protects the space from insects, pests, and rodents, which will also compromise health while living in the crawl space.


A damp and cold crawl space will make the home inefficient and contribute to high utility bills. Drafts and cold floors will not get warm no matter how high the temperature is set. Wind, snow, and ice make the situation worse. Most people experience a reduction in utility bills after Crawl Space Insulation in Tacoma, WA.

The Process

A basement water management system is installed around the perimeter of the space. This will prevent excessive water from flooding or melt snow to protrude into space once it has been covered with reinforce crawl space liners. Those are the basic components of the total encapsulation of the crawl space. Homeowners can go to 316 Insulation to arrange a free inspection and receive a detailed estimate.

There are available options that can be added. The first is a stronger path liner in the space for protection against foot traffic and storage totes or bins placed in the newly insulated space. Another option is the placement of a dehumidifier into space after the liners have been put in place. For most crawl spaces, a dehumidifier is not essential the external system and the internal liners are quite successful at completely solving the problems caused by a dirt crawl space.

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