The Benefits Associated with Metal Antique Ceilings in Long Island NY

by | Feb 2, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Most new homes and businesses are constructed with plain, flat ceilings. Owners who feel that this detracts from their design aesthetic and want to enhance the appearance in a unique way should consider installing Metal Antique Ceilings in Long Island NY. These ornate and nostalgic coverings are the perfect way to both brighten up a room and create a “wow” factor without becoming an overwhelming presence.

So Much to Choose From

Tin ceilings are available in several different colors, patterns, and finishes. Once installed, a gorgeous eye-catching pattern is created that pops even more once complimentary cornices or crown molding is placed the edges. Customers also have the option of attaching the tiles directly to the existing ceiling or snapping them into a suspension grid of steel or wood.

Help is Readily Available

Due to how involved a tin ceiling project may seem, many customers feel lost when it first comes to selecting the proper design and accents. This is why companies like Abingdon Construction offer a free estimate service and ask potential clients to “Visit us” before diving too far into the project. One quick call will send a representative to the home or business for an inspection of the room. From there they will work closely with the customer to find the perfect design and coloring to match their vision.

Don’t Get in Over Your Head

Installing a metal ceiling is a project that many DIY homeowners feel they can complete on their own. Overhead, elevated work is never easy and is often the downfall of these individuals. On the other hand, ceiling installation technicians have the training, tools, and patience to perfectly align and firmly attach a ceiling with minimal difficulty. Rather than deal with the headache of aching arms and shoulders or the frustration that can come from trying to get everything positioned perfectly on one’s own, let a team of contractors transform the ceiling in a timely and efficient manner.

Eliminate Unsightly Damage

Installing Metal Antique Ceilings in Long Island NY isn’t strictly for aesthetic purposes. Some people find that this covering is the perfect way to hide cracks and other damage that cannot be masked through patch and paint. After ensuring that there are no existing factors which may damage the ceiling further, the new ceiling will be put in place, expertly concealing the eyesore that once dominated the room.

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