The Benefits of Industrial Asphalt Paving in Houston TX

by | Jul 6, 2018 | Asphalt Contractor

Parking lots can be paved or covered with a variety of materials, be they concrete, gravel, recycled rubber, or even just plain natural grass. However, the most popular choice remains asphalt. There is a reason for this and one will find in this article the many benefits of Industrial Asphalt Paving Houston TX.


Asphalt is an extremely low-cost material to use in paving. No matter whether it is a business, private residence, or government institution paying to have the paving performed, they will easily end up saving money versus virtually all of the other options available. It can be dispensed very quickly, thus saving the contractor time. The less time the contractor is billing for, the less money is being spent. This is simple economics. Asphalt is also known to dry very quickly. This means if it is a parking lot being paved for a business, there will be very little time in which the lot is inaccessible to the public.


Industrial Asphalt Paving Houston TX offers the end user an incredibly durable option. Asphalt can be ground and mixed in specific ways to resist even the most extreme of weather conditions. It does not matter whether the traffic conditions are slow or high, asphalt can take it. Asphalt is also very resistant to very heavy weights, such as those coming from semi-trucks and their trailers.


Asphalt offers much more safety when compared to other lot paving or coverage options. There is much better contrast when road markings are used on asphalt, making them easier for the driver to see them, especially at night. There is reduced skidding when driving on asphalt and also a decrease in the amount of splash-back during heavy rainfall.


While the origins of asphalt are certainly not “green”, the fact asphalt can be continuously recycled makes it a pretty good choice for the environment. There is virtually no end to the life-cycle of asphalt, so it acts as a boon in saving the natural resources of the planet.

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