Boosting The Wow Factor With Ideas For Curb Appeal

Creating a positive first impression should be a priority for any commercial property or any type of facility or institution. Having an inviting, cared-for look to the grounds of a hospital or nursing home, an industrial complex or park, a private company or manufacturing facility and even a professional office, sets your business apart from the others.

Adding to the Appearance

Building up the curb appeal of a commercial property does not have to be an extremely costly project. Hiring an experienced commercial landscaping service with in-house design teams to work to your budget is a simple way to allow the professionals to highlight your business with a beautifully landscaped area.

A few ideas for curb appeal that can be added to large properties of any type without dramatically increasing the landscaping bill can include:

  • Highlighting entrances – creating smaller or larger flower beds around entrances to the building, walkways and around signage provides a pop of color and a very welcoming look. Choosing perennials allows for several years of color and flowers before the plants will need to be replaced.
  • Upgrading your lawn –patchy, sparse or weedy grass creates an unkempt look to any property. Replacing old lawns with better grass varieties for the specific growing conditions will add a luxurious, rich and lush looking lawn. Sometimes, out of all the ideas for curb appeal, this is the one with the most impact on turning an older looking property into something much more appealing.
  • Trees and shrubs – to add boundaries, texture and visual appeal in long-lasting options for landscaping, consider strategic placement of native trees and shrubs. These are landscaping elements that will last decades with minimal care and attention throughout the year.

Talking to a commercial landscaping service about ideas for curb appeal that meet your budget and the look you wish to achieve is a great way of finding out your options.

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