Benefits of Installing a Hand Dryer in Your Bathrooms

by | Jun 4, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

Whether you are building a huge mall or just want to update the bathroom in your small business office, having access to a cheap hand dryer can be the best investment that you make. Just because the unit is inexpensive, doesn’t mean that it won’t dry hands quickly and effectively and newer models can even help you save on your energy costs, the mess in your restrooms and your routine maintenance concerns. Knowing what the benefits are of these units can help you determine which make and model will be the best fit for your space.


The cost of your hand drying unit is about more than just in the cost of the equipment and installation process. You will also want to look at how much is likely to be added, or subtracted, from your energy costs, your supplies budget and the time it takes to do your weekly orders. Newer models of dryers will require less energy than older ones because of changes in the technology and the trend towards going green in all aspects of life. Dryers will also not require replacing a supply on a regular basis as a towel dispenser will.


A cheap hand dryer can help you save on the mess in your restrooms by eliminating the need for paper towels to be used and thrown away. By eliminating paper towels, you can empty the bathroom trash cans less often and have smaller bins, to begin with. For smaller bathrooms, this can make it easier for traffic to move around inside of the restroom and streamline the design. This can make space feel more open and clean than a large dryer or bulky paper towel dispenser.


Your routine maintenance schedule for your bathroom is about more than just daily cleanings. You will also need to make sure that everything is well stocked and functions properly. With hand dryers, this means wiping the surface and the wall around it, testing the unit to see if it works properly and knowing who to call for repairs. With towel dispensers, you need to have a supply of towels in addition to the maintenance needed for dryers. You should always check what types of routine maintenance are recommended for equipment before purchase so you can add that to your schedule and keep your items newer for longer.

A cheap hand dryer can do more than just dry hands in a restroom. These units can save you on costs, messes, and maintenance over paper towel dispensers. There are many benefits to buying this type of equipment with some easier to see than others. Visit the website for more information.

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