Best Practices for Material Recovery Facility Design

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Construction Company

A material recovery facility handles solid waste, sorting it into raw materials. If you’re building a new structure, you need help with material recovery facility design. The following tips will ensure your facility is functional and gives you the best results.

The Composition of the Incoming Stream

The first element in material recovery facility design is determining the incoming stream composition. Your designer needs to know the material types you handle. This information will help them design a facility that meets your needs and fits the required equipment.

Allow Room for Growth

Some companies make a mistake with material recovery facility design: not allowing room to grow. They focus on creating a facility that meets their current needs. A company specializing in material recovery facility construction can project your growth and build a facility that will accommodate your company for years.

Accommodate Rail Transportation

Shipping raw materials by truck can be costly. While trucking will comprise some of your shipping needs, your material recovery facility design should implement rail transportation. Rails allow you to transport significant amounts of raw material more quickly and efficiently, saving your company money.

Build Around Your Equipment

Before completing the material recovery facility design, you should choose your equipment. It’s easier to design a building around your equipment than to fit it into an existing structure.

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