Blacktop From Companies Like Sullivan Paving Provides a Smooth Surface

Without companies like Sullivan Paving to install asphalt, large tracts of land used for driving and parking would be covered with concrete or left unpaved. Concrete costs more than asphalt, explaining why rural residential driveways and big parking lots tend to be covered with asphalt instead of concrete. The nation’s roadways are mostly made from blacktop as well. Asphalt is less susceptible to developing lengthy cracks as concrete sometimes does, and repairing flaws that occur is relatively easy work if done promptly.

Addressing the Skeptics

People may feel skeptical about asphalt’s ability to hold up under conditions of repeated thawing and freezing as well as heavy traffic. They drive over potholes and see seriously deteriorating blacktop in back of their favorite grocery store. But the reason these problems escalate to this point is lack of attention to the flaws when they are still tiny.

Limited Budgets

Municipalities have limited budgets for road repair. Sometimes they are planning a full-scale road reconstruction project and cannot justify spending money on patching potholes. Owners of commercial buildings also deal with strict budgets that can prevent them from fixing problems with the pavement. They may be forced to let the back lot deteriorate while they continue to keep the front lot in good shape with assistance from a contractor such as Sullivan Paving.

Back Lots

Back lots typically don’t get nearly as much traffic as the front lots, but the traffic they do have is harder on the pavement. This is where big trucks arrive for deliveries and where dumpster roll-off services arrive to empty the containers. If the property owners don’t keep the pavement maintained, areas of the lot can break down entirely over the years.

Back Roads

In some parts of the country, county roads and other back roads are left unpaved because the population is somewhat sparse and the extra tax dollars are not available. Most places that benefit from asphalt paving, however, eventually are surfaced with the material to make travel easier and to provide a safe, level surface for parking and for pedestrians. Browse the Website for more information on this particular contractor.

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