Commercial Floor Coatings that Provide Durable & Sustainable Finish

The best floors are the ones that last, but you need to make sure your floors have the right help. That’s why applying epoxy floor coating is the way to go.

Worn-Out Floors

Adding an epoxy coating makes your floors even tougher and sturdier. Whether you’re installing this in your garage or the lobby of a commercial property, you won’t have to worry about the high traffic wearing out your shiny floors that much faster. The coating improves your floor’s thickness, helping it deal with hot tire lifts better. It can also absorb greater impact without breaking, which is good news for you if you’re set on installing this in your lobby.

Lackluster Color Coats

Subject to heavy use or impact, your floor’s color coat can go at any time. But with an epoxy commercial floor coating to lock it in, you won’t have to worry that your colored epoxy is going to lose its shine any time soon. A benefit of getting an epoxy coat from reliable names like Granite Garage Floors is that it protects against chemicals and oil spills, so your colored epoxy can last that much longer.

Peeling Paint Chips

Have color flakes? Paint chips? Then a clear coat should keep those flakes and chips from peeling and collecting dirt. By using a coat to seal those chips in, you can keep grime and dust from finding their way into the flakes. While accumulated dirt and grime can make it tough for your floors to stay clean, it’s easy enough to put in protective measures to eliminate those problems before they even happen.

Cleaning Woes

With an epoxy coating, cleaning is simple and hassle-free. That quality makes it an attractive option for property owners who want a floor that’s hardy and easy to maintain.

If you want great-looking floors, then give epoxy floor coatings a try.

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