Comprehensive Architectural Glass Creates Beautiful and Functional Building Features

Comprehensive architectural glass helps business owners make a statement both outside and inside the building. Employees, visitors, clients and potential customers may not understand what architectural glass is but they know it when they see it. They recognize the huge, high-quality windows on the exterior of office buildings, medical facilities and manufacturing plants. They come inside and see features such as glass entryways, canopies and office dividers. All those glass features provide stylistic designs that capture the vision of both the building owners and the architects who designed them.

One exterior feature created by a Comprehensive architectural glass company is known as the curtain wall. This is essentially a glass skin wrapped around the structure, as it does not provide any inherent building structure. The glass panels are attached to light metal framing. The curtain wall allows light to enter and blocks wind and rain, just as normal windows do. Some buildings have curtain walls of reflective glass so employees and clients can see outside but nobody can see in. When someone walks into a lobby with high ceilings and tall glass exterior wall, it makes an impressive sight.

With or without the curtain wall, many building owners like to have big glass doors for the entry and, often, a glass canopy overhead. This type of canopy provides some protection from rain while also adding a lovely feature to the entryway. If the front of the building is not predominantly glass, a glass door and canopy allow a substantial amount of natural light to shine into the front area.

Internal glass partitions are desirable in many office situations. They create private office space that can be entirely closed off with vertical blinds. When the blinds are left open, the employee still has a private area while being able to see into the exterior office setting. It creates a feeling of spaciousness that is not achieved with standard offices or cubicles.

If any of these features or other architectural glass projects are appealing, an organization such as Layne Glass Co. is available for consultation. Call us at (817) 926-3381 to schedule an appointment.

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