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Surveying is a big part of any major construction project. Because of the variety and complexity of construction projects, the term construction surveying takes on many meanings. It can be used to determine and establish the location and also the alignment of highways, buildings, bridges, pipes, and other man-made objects. When a large project is completed, an “as-built “survey is performed. The survey is done to locate any modifications made to the plans during the construction process. So what does a surveyor actually do?

The Job of a Surveyor

A surveyor is a technical specialist who is trained to determine boundaries and create maps. They do this by using measurements from a variety of resources like deeds, titles, maps, and even previously done surveys. A surveyor also measures contours, depressions, elevations, and distances. They determine the latitude and longitude of prominent features and they are also responsible for organizing existing records. They verify the accuracy of land measurements and enter data into mapping software. Lastly, they enter and write descriptions of a surveyed area. A surveyor has a lot of responsibilities and must have the proper education and experience to carry out the nuances of the job successfully.

Why Is Surveying Important?

Surveyors play an integral role when it comes to land development – from the early planning and design phase all the way through to the final construction of roads, utilities, and landscaping. Surveyors are the first people to step foot on any construction site. They are there to measure and map the land. These initial measurements are then sent to the architects and used by them to understand the landscape when designing. Then engineers use the work the surveyors do to help plan structures with accuracy and safety in mind. This helps ensure that buildings fit in with the surroundings but are also able to be constructed.

Before embarking on a major commercial or residential construction project, it is important to locate and hire a great surveying firm, one that has knowledge and experience. Rampa Land Surveying P.C. is just that type of firm. Our work is thorough and accurate, and we use the newest technology to ensure the surveys we do meet your needs. Contact us at Sitename or at . We have the capacity to complete surveys promptly and competently to make sure you get the land you are entitled to. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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