Electricians In Miami FL Can Perform More Than Just Electrical Wiring

An electrician can perform a variety of wiring needs in a home or business in addition to electrical. Electricians in Miami FL can install wiring for security systems, computer networking, lighting design, telephones, and much more. Electricians are highly trained and offer solutions to remain safe. A reliable and reputable electrical subcontractor offers its employees continual training and development. The company should also offer 24-hour emergency service for their customers. If a business or homeowner is relocating, remodeling or in need of changing their wiring, they should contact a reputable electrical subcontractor.

When a building has suffered damage from a fire, flood or natural disaster, the wiring in the building should only be restored by a licensed electrician. They will ensure the wiring is installed properly and all building codes are met. Electricians in Miami FL will work with an owner’s restoration company to restore electrical service as quickly and safely as possible to its original condition. In addition to restoration services, electricians can provide:

* Bucket Truck Work

* Energy Management

* HVAC Wiring

* Code Violation Corrections

* Generators

* Marine Lighting

* New Construction Wiring

* Pool & Spa Wiring

* 100/200/400/600 Amp Upgrades

* Back-up Power Units

* Separate Metering

* Whole House Surge Protection

* Temporary Power

* Telephone & Cable TV Wiring

* And much more.

Electrical outlets can start failing without an owner being aware. A trained thermographer can use the latest technology to identify and troubleshoot a problem before it gets worse. A business or homeowner should have a yearly check of this electrical system to provide an owner with the peace of mind they need and reduce energy usage. Thermal imaging can detect overloaded circuits and loose or corroded connections. Hot spots near a switch or plug is a sign of serious problems. This type of inspection can reduce the chance for an unplanned power outage and reduce overall operational costs of the electrical system.

Contact Bates Electric Inc today to inspect your electrical system or for service for wiring in a home or business. Their friendly and honest service leave customers satisfied. If someone’s in need of residential installation, service, repair or restoration services, they should contact them for an estimate.

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