How Infrared Asphalt Repair Works

When asphalt needs to be replaced, it can be done using traditional methods or a newer option that actually heats the area until the pavement melts. New asphalt is then added to the mixture, and the whole area is allowed to solidify. This creates a single smooth layer of asphalt rather than simply adding small patches to the existing pavement. The technique is known as infrared asphalt repair, and it’s both faster and actually simpler to do than traditional repair. It can be used in one of two different ways.

Remove and Replace the Asphalt

If the condition of the sub-base is unknown, a full removal and replacement usually have to be done. This involves, as the name suggests, completely removing the existing asphalt and replacing it with a new layer. While it’s still less time-consuming than traditional repair methods, this method of infrared asphalt repair is the longer and more costly option. However, it may be the only option available in some cases, and it does help reduce further problems.

Mill and Replace

The second option is called mill and replace. This method removes the top inch or two of the asphalt and then lays down a special coat of adhesive before adding new asphalt. Once done, the area is compacted down to match the surrounding pavement. The experts from Stripe A Lot Asphalt Maintenance LLC, one of the companies that specialize in infrared asphalt repair, can quickly use the mill and replace technique to repair large parking lots or other areas because it doesn’t remove all of the asphalt.

Your Options

If you’re in need of asphalt repair, you will need to meet with an expert to determine if this method of repair is right for you. It can be used to repair many different types of damage, but it’s not right for every situation. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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