Faux Finishes Break Limits Set by Ordinary Paint

by | Jun 20, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

What exactly is a faux finish? It is a decorative paint finish that gives the appearance of marble, wood or stone. It has now come to include finishes that simulate other recognizable textures such as fresco and trompe-l’œil. In the decorating universe of San Antonio, faux finishes when done properly can bring your room to a whole new level.

Types of Faux Finishes

  • One of the most beautiful of the faux finishes is Venetian plaster. It gives your room an Old World look and feel of the polished marble of European architecture.
  • Artisan finishes are different in that they never look the same way twice. Whenever light shines on a wall, it throws highlights on the color and the tones and shades seem to change before your eyes.
  • Metallic paint can make your walls sparkle and glow.
  • Metallic plaster provides more options when it comes to design and colors. Your walls will shimmer and seem to be coated with flecks of metal.
  • Manda Mudd can give you a finish that looks just like good old fashioned plaster but with a three dimensional look to it.
  • Sandstone finish has a gritty feel and can be slightly raised to the touch. It can be the least costly finish to have done and the easiest.
  • Texture sand is paint that has tiny pieces of sand mixed in it. The sand reflects light and adds texture to your wall.
  • Brushed suede is the finish the can give a room a sophisticated, elegant look to it. It can be delicate so you might want to avoid areas of your home that are high traffic.

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