Flood Damage Restoration In Colorado Springs Can Restore A Building To It’s Original Condition

During the winter months, pipes can freeze and burst, causing water damage in a home or business. Toilets, washing machines, laundry sinks, and other appliances that use water can malfunction and cause flooding in a home. Thawing in the spring, heavy rains, and water used to put out a fire in a structure are other things that can flood a home should be restored as quickly as possible. Water damage can cause mold in a structure within two to three days after flooding has occurred. The reason there was flooding will determine what type of flood damage restoration in Colorado Springs should take place.

If a sewer or toilet has flooded a structure, the bacteria can cause a health risk to anyone inside. Items that have been saturated with gray or black water should be discarded. This type of bacteria is very difficult to remove from upholstery, drywall, carpeting, and many other absorbent items. Even if the items are cleaned, a smell will return to the area where the items are each time the humidity is high. Flood Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs will arrive quickly with their state-of-the-art equipment to take care of the problem quickly and return the area back to normal.

The main reason a quick cleanup should be performed is because of mold and mildew. Once mold develops, it takes additional work to protect the rest of the structure from an infestation. Water restoration concentrates on safely drying and disinfecting the area. Deodorization will also have to be performed to eliminate the smell of any mold or bacteria. Dehumidifiers, and large air movers will be needed to dry a building. Although some flooring can be dried, only an experienced technician will be able to determine if the flooring will need to be replaced.

Although water damage is an inconvenience, an owner should immediately eliminate the cause of the water source and contact a flood restoration company. Rapid action to prevent any further damage is very important. Browse our website and find out more about how the restoration of a structure and contents can be performed. Any work that needs to be performed due to damage to the structure can also be completed.

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