Things You Must Know About Retaining Wall in San Francisco, CA

The amount of money and time invested in building a retaining wall is huge; therefore it is very important to know all the essential points before you decide to hire a professional in building a retaining wall in San Francisco, CA. If you do not consider these points before starting the project, your project may end up being a failure.

What is Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a type of construction in which the structure will hold and support the soil behind it. You can use different types of materials for constructing such a structure. For example, you can use concrete, rocks or timbers. Depending upon your budget and requirement, you can decide what type of material to be used for constructing a retaining wall structure.

Before you hire the service of a professional, you should keep in mind the following points.

Retaining Wall to Fit Your Lifestyle

Are you going to incorporate the retaining wall into your lifestyle? Many people consider a retaining wall as just something that is done to retain the soil on an incline or hillside. But, a retaining wall in San Francisco, CA, can be attractive, as well as functional. Why don’t you think of a retaining wall design that can be used as part of your outdoor living space.

Size of the Retaining Wall

What size are you planning to construct? A smaller retaining wall in San Francisco, CA, with less than 4 feet can be constructed easily, but if you are looking for larger ones you will need more resources and money. Design your retaining wall to make sure it goes with the overall structure of your home.


For an expert in building or remodeling your home and providing a retaining wall to protect it, Mares & Dow Construction Inc. is who you can trust. They always ensure to maintain the look and integrity of your home whether it is new, old or historical. They are seasoned retaining wall contractors who can construct retaining walls in San Francisco, CA, that will meet the needs of your home or business.

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