An Electrician in Westfield IN Helps Residential Customers Distribute and Manage the Electrical Load

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

An electrician in Westfield, IN can upgrade the wiring in an older home so it no longer functions with a fuse box but instead with a circuit breaker system. One advantage for the homeowner is convenience. When a fuse becomes overloaded, it is permanently damaged and has to be replaced. The household must always have at least one spare fuse on hand or not be able to use electricity in a certain part of the house until someone can get to the store. Circuit breakers, in contrast, are switches that turn off when the wiring is overloaded. Someone in the house simply needs to flip the switch after resolving the problem that caused the overload. The cause usually is obvious, such as trying to run two high-wattage appliances on the same circuit.

Homes constructed with fuse box systems were built in a time when residential electrical demand was much lower than is true today. Microwave ovens were a rarity and homes generally had one or two TV sets along with a stereo system or two. In older homes without enough outlets, people load up power strips and extension cords in an effort to accommodate all their electrical needs. One power strip might supply the electricity to the TV set, a DVD player, a lamp and a portable boombox. Another has to manage all the electricity for the computer and all of its accessories. An electrician in Westfield, IN would encourage the homeowner to have additional outlets installed to distribute this electrical load more evenly.

With both fuses and circuit breakers, the purpose is to manage the electrical load in the building and to cut the power off from an area of wiring that receives too much demand. The older fuse system cannot supply as much electricity as the circuit panels do. When a breaker shuts off, somebody typically has made an obvious error in judgment about how much electricity can run from one outlet or two in the same room. Fuses are touchier. A fuse might blow because somebody turns on the bathroom light while the curling iron is plugged in. A company such as Business Name is ready to do the upgrading.

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