Getting To The Bottom Of Clogged Drains In Cedar Rapids IA

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Clogged Drains Cedar Rapids IA can be extremely difficult to deal with for people who don’t have any experience with plumbing. The first thing a person might be tempted to do is to pick up the phone and call a plumber, but that isn’t always necessary. There are a few things sold at hardware stores that can help people unclog their drains. Tools that can be reused time and time again are cheap and wise investments. Understand that dealing with clogged drains can lead to quite a mess, so people who don’t like manual labor should just call plumbers.

Drain Snakes

Drain snakes come in different sizes. Some are only a few feet long, while others can extend more than 10 feet down a drain. Manual drain snakes are cheaper than automatic ones, but they can also be harder to use. There are even powerful sewer snakes that people can rent from their hardware stores. If a person is thinking about renting a powerful snake, they should also think about all the damage they might do to their plumbing. It’s just best to call a contractor to deal with a clog that needs such powerful equipment.

Operating a drain snake is relatively simple. One end of the snake has something similar to a drill bit on the end of it. That’s the end that is inserted into the drain. When a person works with a drain snake, they have to slowly manipulate it so that it doesn’t get stuck in the bends of the plumbing. Once the clog is encountered, the snake is rotated so that it can drill through it.

Drain Cleaners

Clogged Drains Cedar Rapids IA can also be cleaned with drain cleaners. People should not keep putting drain cleaners down their drains every other week. If clogs are recurring, paying a visit to or another plumber’s website is the best course of action. Abuse of chemical cleaners can actually lead to other plumbing problems. Drain cleaners have been known to kill beneficial bacteria that exists in septic tanks. When that happens, a person might have to spend a lot of money to have their tank serviced.

When drain snakes, drain cleaners, and plungers can’t get the job done, plumbers can. People shouldn’t waste too much of their valuable time trying to take on tough clogs.

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