Have Replacement Parts Custom Made for the Food Processing Machines Minneapolis, MN Industries Depend On

If you’re in the food processing industry, you know that properly running machinery and equipment is essential for keeping up with business as usual. And if your machines require replacement parts, it’s just not as simple as a walk to the local hardware store. This is specialty equipment, requiring precise fabrication and often custom parts.

A company like Aerofab Inc specializing in providing metal components for the Food Processing Machines Minneapolis MN required to run a smooth ship can fabricate specialty parts on demand. An experienced team including welders, fabricators, finishers, and CAD designers are available to meet your industrial needs. Using Computer Aided Drafting, custom parts can be designed from the ground up to ensure that they will fit your machines.

Experienced welders and fabricators can then create a new part using aluminum, stainless steel, or mild steel as required. The creation of these parts will often require both machining and welding as well as final assembly. During the machining process, tools such as lathes, mills, and drills are used to remove excess material from a raw block of metal to form the desired shape. If welding is required during the fabrication process, it is often detailed in the engineering drawings. If this is not the case, welders must be left to use personal judgement in deciding how to finish the project.

Some materials require special attention to ensure that they will not become warped or heat damaged during the welding process. These sometimes include staggering the welding process, using sand during cooling, or straightening post-weld. The amount of work necessary will depend on the raw metal being used, and the design specifications for your finished product.

The benefit of taking your project in to an experienced fabrication shop is that all of these operations can be performed under one roof. Each step of the process requires a skilled operator with specialized knowledge of both the materials and the specific processes of his or her craft. This can make the process quite expensive if each step must be taken separately. Keep your costs down by employing the services of a fabrication facility to produce replacement parts for the food processing machines in Minneapolis, MN companies like yours need.

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