Why Homeowners Include Hardscapes in Brookfield, WI Landscaping Projects

Although most Brookfield land is well suited for plants and trees, few residential properties look their best without careful landscaping. Some area homeowners take on the job themselves, while others hire professionals. Either way, most projects include not only growing things, but features like patios or ponds, which are part of hardscapes that serve a variety of purposes. Hardscapes in Brookfield WI can increase property values, reduce maintenance and add eye-catching elements.

What Exactly Is Hardscaping?

The term, “hardscape” is used to describe the practice of adding hard materials to properties. Elements are often made of stone, pavers, concrete or rock. However, some are also created using metal or wood. Although Hardscapes in Brookfield WI generally serve useful purposes, many homeowners add them mainly as points of interest. In fact, landscape architects often include hardscaping as part of custom designs.

Hardscaping Can Solve Landscape Problems

Hardscaping is often used to creatively solve problems. For example, homeowners may build attractive retaining walls that help prevent soil erosion and can become seating areas. Landscape professionals might suggest adding rocks or walkways in areas where it is hard to grow anything because of poor soil or lack of sunlight. Some homeowners create breathtaking yards just by combining native plants with river rock. Hardscaping can also be used to ensure that properties dry quickly after rain. Materials like concrete absorb the heat and dry much more quickly than planted areas.

Expert Hardscaping Adds Function and Beauty

Property owners who want to add usable outdoor space also visit us to arrange for hardscaping estimates. Landscape experts can include patios that become year-round entertainment areas. Many include complete outdoor kitchens or fire pits. Designers might also install elegant gazebos, pergolas or water features that increase curb appeal. Clients often choose to build charming stone walls that add visual interest and increase privacy. Hardscaping can also help to minimize property maintenance by reducing the amount of planted areas.

Beautifully landscaped properties often include stone, concrete, rock or paver elements known as hardscaping. These features, which are often created to solve landscaping problems, also increase property values and beauty. In many cases they include outdoor living areas.

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