Importance of Pegboard Hooks in a Lab?

Pegboard hooks are extremely handy in more ways than one. These simple yet useful hooks can help you reduce the amount of clutter in your lab, giving you cleaner and larger spaces to work with. Plus, it can improve the efficiency of your job by having everything displayed in a neat row.

No matter what kind of lab you have, it’s important to buy pegboard hooks for cleaning, drying, hanging, or analyzing different tools and specimens. There are many reasons why It’s important to buy pegboard hooks for your lab. Here are a few of the most useful ways that pegboards can work for you every day.

Pegboard Hooks for Drying
Pegboard hooks are useful for drying beakers and other glass items. Since they hang on the hook, they dry much more quickly than if you were to dry them with a towel or by simply setting them upside-down. This is because of the nature of the way pegboard hooks are shaped.

Pegboard hooks allow the drainage from your beaker to run into the catch drains of the pegboard, rather than remaining inside the beaker itself. Not only is it good for fast-drying, but it’s good for reducing the risk of cross-contamination as well.

Pegboard Hooks for Hanging
You can have a convenient location for hanging your goggles, scopes, and other pieces of equipment right near your workstation. Once it’s hanging on a hook, it is out of the way, and yet it is always in reach in case you need to grab it quickly. When you buy pegboard hooks for your lab, you are encouraging better organization and cleanup skills.

Cleaning Your Pegboard Hooks
It’s important to keep your hooks clean at all times. They are only a convenient addition to your lab if they are sanitary and safe. You can clean them and wash them using soap and water. Just be sure to reattach them to the pegboards once they are dry.

Installing pegboards is quite easy. Once the boards are installed, you can add as many pegboard hooks as you would like. This will help you to dry your equipment in no time.

Buy Pegboard Hooks for Your Lab and Increase Your Efficiency Today
Pegboards can be built to suit your needs. You’ll be amazed at the increased efficiency and production of your lab after you start using pegboard hooks. Contact AGR Fabricators, Inc. today for more information!

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