Installing Tin Ceiling Tiles For New Haven CT Homeowners – Adding A Touch of Victoriana To Any Interior

If you’ve ever been inside an old Victorian house or commercial building, you may have marveled at elaborately patterned ceilings. These are tin plate ceiling panels. Tin ceilings became very popular starting around 1890 when thin rolled tin plate was being mass produced for the commercial market. Easy to work, stamping elaborate patterns into tin plate was no problem for any decent metal shop. As a result, a new and inexpensive decorative architectural accessory was made widely available as an alternative to far more expensive cast or etched plasterwork.

Pressed tin ceiling tiles could be easily installed into any home or building, and were offered in a wide variety of patterns to suit any customer. In an era which valued decorative detail and low cost, the popularity of tin ceilings exploded not only in America but also Australia and South Africa. During a forty year period, dozens of tin ceiling companies sprang up, and their product was installed in thousands of homes and commercial buildings. Many of these original ceilings have endured for over one hundred years and can still be seen in many of these properties today.

Tin ceilings fell out of favour after the 1930s when such detailing became unimportant in an age of prefabricated homes and utilitarian construction. But fortunately, fine tin ceilings began enjoying a renaissance decades later. Today, installers of Tin Ceiling New Haven CT residents and builders depend on upon offer a similarly varied selection of patterns or can recreate historical patterns from new molds taken from an existing plate. Perfect either for a restoration project or new construction, a tin ceiling adds a special touch of class to the interior of any building. For Tin Ceiling New Haven CT builders seek for a project, often they shop for the patterns and finishes at a specialty firm which has been in the business of installing decorative metal detailing in homes and buildings for nearly a century.

Tin ceilings are classical, durable, and relatively inexpensive, especially over the long-term. So when searching for “Tin Ceiling New Haven CT” online, click on the link to and browse our selection of patterns and a gallery of our work for customers in the tri-state area. We also provide the patterned metal plate for wainscotting and cornices. Our selections include panels in copper plate, tin, stainless steel and chrome and brass plate. Contact us today for pricing and installation work.

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