Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish or Replace?

With so much of our culture centering around food, it is no surprise that the heart of the home can be found in the kitchen. Over time, your cabinets will begin to show wear, and you will find your kitchen needing a facelift. Replacing your cabinets offers instant rejuvenation, but there are benefits to simply refinishing what you have.


If you’re thinking of kitchen cabinet refinishing in San Antonio, you will be happy to know that this is often the more convenient option. Rather than tearing out your entire kitchen, you can simply replace the doors and hardware. Painting your cabinets is another way to add new life to your kitchen.

Refinishing cabinets isn’t as involved (read: messy and time consuming) as tearing them out and replacing them, but that doesn’t mean it’s a walk in the park either. Prepare to set aside a few days to work on it, and take care when measuring if you plan on replacing the doors to avoid the frustration of pouring hours into a project, only to have ill-fitting doors.


Replacing kitchen cabinets is a pricier option priced between $500-$1200/foot. It also entails tearing out the existing cabinetry and disposing of it, hanging the new cabinetry, and repairing any wall damage, as well as painting the surrounding wall if your new cabinets are different dimensions than the old.

While it is generally more expensive than refinishing, it often carries the benefit of a higher return on investment when it comes to the value of your home. It also offers more customization in the way of dimension and increased storage. If your home is older and cost is not an issue, it may be best to replace the existing cabinetry.

Whether you choose to refinish or replace your kitchen cabinets, many color and style choices give you the ability to make your space uniquely your own.

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