Long-Term Storage Tips For Grain Storage Bins in Oregon

To effectively market grain, there needs to be a plentiful store on hand to satisfy consumer demand when it hits. A mass quantity of grain, and keeping enough in store to satisfy demand, requires an effective plan for long-term storage. Here are some tips on how to enact a plan that will work in almost any situation.

Prepare The Bins

To store large amounts of grain and keep it high-quality, the first step that needs to be taken is to clean out the Grain Storage Bins in Oregon. After a thorough cleaning, get rid of any grain that may still have insects or pests in it. Check under the floor area as well as this is a favorite hiding spot for insects. Experts recommend fumigating the area to get rid of any insects leftover from last harvest season.

It’s The Quality Not The Quantity

How well the grain is going to store in the long-term is completely dependent on the quality that is put into the Grain Storage Bins in Oregon in the first place. Low-quality grain will not store well at all, especially if it has suffered from instances of bitter frost. A mature grain with a nice weight to it is the best bet for anyone wanting to store long-term. Also, make sure that recommended moisture content levels are followed by any grains being put into the silo. This will make all the difference when it is time to market the grain.

Watch The Temperature

One crucial step in storing grain long-term is the ability to control the temperature. The storage bins used should have a good aeration system in place so that the exact temperature of the grain is easily controlled. Installing temperature cables is also highly recommended so that the temperature can be monitored safely. The recommended temperature to store any grain will differ depending upon what area of the country the storage bin is located.

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