Mercury Spill Kits: Reasons To Purchase

Mercury spill kits aren’t as well-known as other options, but they are essential if you frequently work around mercury. If this harmful substance gets spilled, you have to worry about people touching the product, but you must also worry about the vapours that are released when it is touched or moved. Therefore, a regular spill kit (such as general purpose or Hazchem) isn’t enough to protect the clean-up crew because it doesn’t contain the right products to prevent inhalation of the vapours. Along with such, you may require special disposal bags and ties, which aren’t likely to be included with traditional kits.

Mercury spill kits include an absorbent powder designed specifically for mercury. It also has appropriate personal protective equipment, such as latex gloves and goggles. The kit should also contain appropriate clean-up items, including a dustpan, wipes, hand broom, and disposal bag. In short, this kit has everything you need to clean up the mess promptly and ensure environmental and employee safety. The powder used for the specialty kit turns the mercury into zinc amalgam, which suppresses the mercury vapours and stabilises the mercury. Therefore, it can safely be swept up and put in the disposal bag. Along with such, the kit is portable, which means you can take it anywhere a spillage occurs. However, it is best to keep the spill kit near where mercury is used.

EcoSpill offers a variety of products to clean up and prevent spills. Mercury spill kits are a specialty item. It is found in the medical and laboratory category, but any industry that works with mercury can purchase it. The kit is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to take anywhere, but it can also fit into smaller spaces. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about transporting a wheelie bin to the location.

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