Spill Containment Kits: Advantages And Considerations

Spill containment kits are essential for workplaces to keep employees safe and the products from leaking into the environment. You need to have the right equipment on hand to ensure that all chemicals, water, oil, and other liquids are completely and quickly cleaned up. That way, the workplace is always safe, and employees are less likely to get injured. The kit should include a variety of things and comes in a variety of sizes. For example, you’re likely to get absorbent mats, sorbents, land socks, wipes, drain protectors, disposal bags, and more. Sizes range from small packs to large wheelie bins that have enough to cover almost any size spill.

Spill containment kits can be ordered in multiple sizes or large batches; you can choose many small kits placed strategically throughout the facility or one large kit. The goal is to ensure that the amount of sorbents and absorbents inside can clean up every drop of liquid you have onsite. This is no small feat, but it can be achieved by checking your inventory and doing a bit of math. You can easily determine how much liquid (of each type) is onsite and purchase the equivalent kit. For example, if you have 20L of fuel that you always keep on hand, you can use a smaller kit. If you have 40L of fuel on hand, you can either choose a larger kit or two small ones.

EcoSpill has a variety of spill containment kits available for purchase in a variety of sizes. You can also find a re-stock pack that includes everything you need (except the container to hold it all). You can find many kit styles from hydrocarbon to general purpose and chemical kits. They are all designed to soak up particular liquids. You can also find specialty kits, such as those for bodily fluids or mercury.

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