Do You Need a Pavers Contractor in Naples, FL?

Besides concrete surfaces that are smooth, driveways may also be installed that feature concrete pavers, brick pavers, or interlocking pavers. Concrete or interlocking pavers are developed and cured in climate settings that are controlled.

If you live in the southern U.S., such as Florida, you are more likely to run across concrete or paver driveways. On the other hand, if you reside in the north, asphalt driveways are more often seen. That is why you can often contact a pavers contractor in Naples, FL about the construction of a concrete pavers drive or traditional concrete surface.

How Long Does an Installation Take?

Depending on the amount of work involved in a project, a pavers contractor can install a new paver driveway in about five to seven days. It just depends on the size of the driveway. A paver driveway construction is considered labor-intensive as much of the work is done by hand. By comparison, a concrete drive takes about one to three days to build. Again, the size of the driveway determines the scope of the work.

A pavers contractor or concrete resurfacer may take some time preparing the driveway for a paver installation or concrete paving. It just depends on the subsoil. In some instances, the soil is removed so it can be replaced with an aggregate. Other soil stabilization methods may be used too.

The Thickness of the Concrete

The thickness of a concrete driveway depends of the amount of use the driveway will receive. In most cases, a concrete driveway is about four inches thick. However, again, the installation of a paver drive or traditional concrete drive depends on the lay of the land and what needs to be done prior to installation.

Once a concrete driveway is installed, you should not use the drive for about a week. It takes the same amount of time before you can use a paver driveway as well. If you would like to learn more about paver or concrete surfaces, contact a paving specialist. Call Acme Paving Contractors at 239-574-1234 in Lee Country and at 941-255-4567 in Charlotte County. Reach the company by phone at 239-261-1234 if you live in Collier County. You can connect with them on facebook for more information!

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