Paving in Middletown, CT and the Companies that Handle Such Jobs

When a business or a local government needs to have an existing road repaved, they often look to dedicated paving companies to handle the job. While most people might think that it’s as simple as putting new asphalt over an old surface, the process of repaving is a bit more complicated. That’s why a dedicated company that handles Paving in Middletown CT is worth consideration. However, there are some things that a business or a local municipality needs to take into account.

Small or Large Paving Services

The first thing that needs to be considered is the size of the job. For small needs, such as a parking lot or an entryway into a business, virtually any company may be able to handle the job. However, for larger projects, such as city streets that extends for miles and multiple lanes, a larger paving company may be required. The logistics of repaving multiple lanes, especially if it is a busy street, can be quite challenging for a smaller paving company. Larger paving companies typically have a great deal of experience in handling these types paving jobs, and the work, weather permitting, can be done in a quick and efficient manner.


In addition to the size of the company, the resources that the company has is going to be important. For smaller jobs, a small company may be able to handle it in terms of the equipment that they have on hand. However, for larger Paving in Middletown CT, larger paving companies will be beneficial. These companies have the equipment, the manpower and all the other resources necessary to make a large paving job a bit more manageable. In addition, paving companies may be required to work odd hours like overnight, especially with roadways that are busier during the day. This is done to make repaving a bit more bearable for the people that use these roads on a regular basis.

There are many more things to consider when hiring a company, but experience and resources are important considerations. If your business has any sort of paving projects that need to be completed in the near future, or you are a project manager for a local government and roads need to be paved or repaved, you would do well to contact Sullivan Paving today. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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