Ready Mix Concrete Is a Great Solution For Any Outdoor Project

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Construction & Maintenance

As spring approaches, many people are getting ready to begin renovations on houses, buildings and other structures. Streets, parking lots and sidewalks are likely to get makeovers as well. Many of these projects can be time consuming. However, one component that can make the renovation process fairly simple is ready mix concrete in Albany, NY. This concrete mix can help speed up the renovation process and get the job done right.

Save Time

Ready Mix Concrete in Albany, NY, is concrete that is already premixed. The concrete is made according to set criteria or the exact specifications of the client or contractor and then loaded into the mixer. This is eliminates some of the time it takes to set up and actually mix concrete from scratch on the jobsite.

Categories of Concrete Mix

Ready Mix Concrete can be mixed completely in the cement mixing truck. Transit mixed concrete has the advantage of further travel away from the cement plant and less slump loss or hardening before reaching the jobsite. It can also be mixed immediately before the project commences. The other option for this type of concrete is it can shrink-mixed. In this case, it will be mixed while at the plant, loaded into the truck and mixed either in transit or on site. Shrink mix allows the truck to carry more concrete to the project site.

Uses of This Mix

Ready Mix Concrete in Albany, NY, can fit many types of projects based on the materials that can be added into it. For example, this mixture can be blended with various fibers, such as steel, buckeye or macro fibers. It allows moisture to flow through, is waterproof and can even be designed to fit a number of other needs. It’s important to talk with a specialist to find out what best fits your requirements.

If you are in Albany or the surrounding areas and you are considering Ready Mix Concrete or want to know if it suits your needs, contact Bonded Concrete with your project details.

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