Reasons to Upgrade Showers in the Home, Find a Professional in San Antonio

Whether you’re building a new bathroom or just want a change, upgrading the showers is an excellent idea. Many people prefer a walk-in shower because it can save space and looks more elegant. Plus, most residents in San Antonio don’t take baths because they dislike the idea of sitting in water that they’ve cleaned themselves in. However, regardless of your reason, a walk-in shower is suitable for almost any space.

Create More Space

Bathtubs take up a lot of room. Even if you have plenty of room for one, it still makes the space look and feels a lot smaller. When you choose a walk-in shower, you create a more open layout, especially if you choose unfrosted glass for the doors. If you do have a smaller bathroom, you can create a smaller shower that doesn’t take up all the bathtub space, ensuring that you can add storage options later.

Easier to Clean

How many times have you found yourself on hands and knees (or in the tub itself) scrubbing lime scale and dirty rings from the tub? They also usually have tile, which can be harder to clean. When you upgrade the shower, you can choose easier-to-clean options and have easy-to-clean corners and glass.


Bathtubs tend to have multiple parts and components, all of which can break or stop functioning correctly. However, a walk-in shower has fewer parts that can break. Plus, with routine care and maintenance, the materials used to make the shower last longer, as well, creating a durable and reliable bathing system.

Showers are essential to help you get clean every day and feel good. Visit Shaw Company Remodeling in San Antonio to learn how they can help you create a new shower.

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