The Benefits of Professional Paving in Middletown CT

Anyone who has a gravel drive knows that it can be a hassle to maintain. Not only does the surface require additional gravel be delivered and spread out every few years, but also needs weed control if one wants to retain the overall curb appeal. The best solution to this time-consuming upkeep is a professional asphalt Paving in Middletown CT. Once a coat of asphalt has been laid and is ready for use, owners can rely on the paving experts to provide periodic maintenance when the pavement needs a little boost.

Well Worth the Cost

Asphalt pavement has many benefits that make it a far more cost-effective covering. First of all, it is a more economical paving material that doesn’t need to be layered as thickly as concrete to support the weight of vehicles. This factors into the secondary benefit that it can be re-layered without requiring removal of the old material. On top of this, asphalt is applied without the need to seam it into sections so that material can flex and contract without extensive cracking or deterioration. All of these advantages can save customers money in both the short and long term.

Distinctive Asphalt Coatings

Most people imagine a large tract of smooth black ground covering when they think of asphalt. Although this is true 90% of the time, some companies like Sullivan Paving offer a unique service that textures a standard asphalt surface so that it appears to be built of pavers. Known as StreetPrint, this paving system involves the use of steel templates to create the visual effect of brick or stone pavers. To read about the benefits of this system and see what the finished product looks like, prospective customers are asked to simply Browse the website and look under the menu of services.

Extend the Life of Pavement

Regardless of the type of asphalt applied to a drive or parking lot, there will come a time when enough wear and tear develops that a company specializing in Paving in Middletown CT will need to perform crack filling and sealing. This process fills in any noticeable cracks and seals them off from the elements to extend the life of the asphalt. Once applied, the sealant dries quickly so that property owners will be able to paint or drive over the area later that same day.

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