The Demand for Proper Historic Building Repair in Chicago IL

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Chicago has a plethora of historic buildings, such as the Rookery Building, Northwest Tower, Union Stockyards, and the birthplace of Walt Disney. Repairs to these buildings and others must be exact matches to the materials and techniques used in the construction methods of the time. This practice ensures the integrity and authenticity is intact.

Historic Repairs as a Specialty

Not every construction company has the experts and capacity to complete a historical building repair in Chicago IL. The team must include a master mason, professionals experienced in concrete demolition, project managers to keep the work organized and on schedule, and planners to collaborate with structural engineers and historians. Leak mitigation and corrosion protection are essential services offered by specialists.

Customized solutions are often required to protect a building while restoring features that may be hundreds of years old. Any structural strengthening measures need to be out of sight or made to blend into the style of the interior or exterior. It is unacceptable for visitors, tourists, or people passing by to notice extra beams, steel rods, or reinforced building joints.

Safety During Repairs

Historic building repair in Chicago IL is complex and time-consuming. A priority for any construction company hired is the safety and security of employees and the public. Barriers, scaffolding, and harnesses are critical. Waterproof covering is used to protect the exterior from the elements, and pedestrians for falling debris.

Protecting the interior while repairs are taking place is easier due to climate control. A consistent temperature will expedite the setting of materials, such as grout and plaster. The lack of wind and pollution is another benefit to interior restoration projects

Related Services

Once repairs are completed to customer satisfaction, related services are available to prolong the results. Exterior and interior preventative maintenance, for example, is done with products and methods that are conducive to materials used during the project. Landscaping services can highlight a newly repaired exterior.

Removing snow during the winter, adding protective clear coatings to protect the building from the rays of the sun, and washing the building without high pressure are all related services to provide a high return on the investment. Detailed information and estimates are offered when customers contact Business Name. Hesitating to have repairs done will only add to the cost and labor involved.

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