The Three Most Common Types of Residential Foundation Systems in Hawaii

Hawaii is a remarkable place in many respects, and not least because of its unique geologic situation. All of the Hawaiian islands were formed by magma bubbling up from deep beneath the sea, and that ancient origin story has major implications for homeowners and businesses even today.

In many places in Hawaii, the ground that construction companies build on is less reliable and stable than would be hoped. Foundation Systems in Hawaii undergo a great deal of stress under even the best of times, so they must be designed to hold up well under challenging conditions. Local companies like Structural Systems Inc have the expertise needed to provide a full range of related services.

Experts at Ensuring That Hawaiian Buildings Remain Strong and Sturdy

Every building needs to be constructed atop a suitable type of foundation to ensure it will remain safely inhabitable. Hawaii’s unique geology means that even more care must normally be taken to select the most appropriate kind of foundation for each location and proposed structure.

In practice, that most often means choosing from three basic types when it comes to residential building. The most commonly selected sorts of Foundation Systems in Hawaii for homes and smaller multi-family dwellings include:

  • T-shaped concrete.
  • Poured concrete foundation walls can provide a secure base for an entire building to rest on. In just about every case, however, there will be concerns about how the shifting, expansion, and contraction of the surrounding earth will affect the walls of a foundation. A T-shaped concrete foundation will normally do a better job than other designs of maintaining its integrity regardless of the forces it is subjected to.
  • Slab on grade.
  • Another option common in Hawaii is to simply pour a concrete slab at or slightly below ground level. While that will only be a realistic choice in certain places, it can end up being both cost-effective and reliable.
  • rotected.
  • In certain especially challenging Hawaiian environments, concrete foundations will be ensconced in materials that limit the transmission of heat and moisture.

A Firm Foundation for Any Home

Foundations of these kinds and others regularly provide all the support that Hawaiian homes and their owners need. Choosing to work with a company that understands how best to apply the relevant technology in Hawaii’s frequently challenging environments will always be wise and productive. You can also visit them on Google My Business.

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