Times in Which to Call for Mold Testing in Pittsburgh, PA

by | May 10, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Mold growth is a rapid. Given the right conditions, mold will takeover a large area very quickly. This evidence is seen in areas where flooding has occurred. One of the ways to determine the amount of mold in the home with minimum disturbance of spores is with an air quality test. This test measures the amount of mold spores in the air and compares it to the outside count. Testing should be done if the following situations have occurred.

Most flooding issues are a direct result of busted water piping. Any time that flooding occurs especially during the hotter months, mold growth is a concern. While the heat may help with the drying process, all affected areas have to be completely dried out. Mold Testing in Pittsburgh, PA after the flooding may indicate mold growth is occurring in areas that are difficult to inspect or haven’t properly dried out.

Consistently high humidity levels in the basement areas can provide the opportunity for mold to gain a foothold. Finished basements are far more susceptible because moisture is constantly building up against the different materials. The water gets absorbed from the soil and moves into the concrete pores. This water can build up behind things like drywall. Older basements tend to be more susceptible because they usually lack the proper water protection.

A break in the water protection materials used in kitchens and bathrooms can create conditions for mold growth. In many cases, the mold is not readily identified until after the drywall and cabinets are removed. If there have been signs of water damage in the material, there is a high probability that mold is also present. Mold testing in Pittsburgh, PA can help to identify if remediation is needed before the demolition begins. Since demolition can stir up spores and put the home at risk, any suspicion that the problem is widespread should be investigated.

Mold is a serious issue that affects the health of the entire family. Any of these situations can provide the opportunity for mold to grow unchecked. Testing can identify if mold has become a problem. Contact Metro Restoration Cleaning Service Inc for more information on the testing procedure and cleanup procedures.

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