Tips for Choosing the Best Electric Hand Dryers

If you are like most smart business owners, you want to give your employees and customers access to the best bathroom facilities when they are at your business. While they are an effective way to dry hands, paper towels can cause a huge mess. Because of this, many business owners are choosing fast-drying hand dryers for the bathroom. If you are in the market for one of these dryers, you should consider the following tips for choosing the best one.

Consider the Electrical Supply

To have an effective hand dryer, you are going to need to connect it to an electrical supply. For some dryers, that simply means plugging the unit into an existing outlet. For others, you must permanently wire the dryer into your electrical system. Before you shop for your new bathroom hand dryer, decide which one of these options will fit best in your application.

Think About Power

Hand dryers come with many different motor sizes, each generating a different amount of power. If you are looking for a fast-drying model, you will probably need to shop for more powerful units. While these might cost a bit more, their effectiveness likely will encourage your customers and employees to use them instead of a paper towel.

Don’t Forget Noise

No electric hand dryer is completely silent. Many units, though, are significantly quieter than others. If your bathroom is near offices or other public spaces, excessive noise might be tremendously disruptive. Because of this, don’t forget to take noise level into account when you are picking out your electric hand dryer.

Emphasize Hygiene

If you are like most business owners, you want to encourage employees and customers to wash their hands. Typically, a big reason to do so is to promote hygiene. When you are looking for the right fast-drying hand dryers for the bathroom, don’t forget to think about germs. Remember, push-button dryers generally spread more of them than automatic ones.

Ensure ADA Compliance

If you open your business to the public, you probably must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. To do so, you need to think about how disabled persons will use the hand dryer in your bathroom. You also need to place it at an appropriate height so that it is accessible without being an obstacle. To ensure compliance, make sure you consider the dimensions and functionality of your dryer unit.

For many reasons, fast-drying hand dryers for the bathroom are great in commercial spaces. If you are shopping for one, follow these five suggestions to get the right dryer for your bathroom. World Dryer is a leader in high-quality, durable and stylish hand dryers. Visit website for more information.

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