What to Consider When Choosing a Shingle Color

When a homeowner calls on the services of roofers in Jupiter FL, they may think all they have to do is let the roofer know the type of materials to use and then write a check for the completed project. This could not be further from the truth. In fact, one of the most important decisions to make is the color of the shingles for the roof. While this may seem simple and straightforward, in many cases, it can be quite the challenge to decide on a color. After all, everyone has their own personal preferences in regard to colors. Some tips that will help guide this decision can be found here.

Look at Other Homes in the Area

It is a good idea to observe other homes in the local area and neighborhood. What type of combinations do they have for the exterior of their home? Take some time to see what is appealing and what is not. This will help give a homeowner something to go by when selecting a shingle color.

Ask for a Full-Size Sample

When speaking with the Roofers in Jupiter FL about shingle color, be sure to get a full-size sample of what is being considered. Don’t ever make a final decision about shingle color just by looking at minimized samples or sales brochures. A slight color variance can cause the entire home to become an eyesore. Also, there are certain colors that may not be offered in certain geographic locations, so asking about availability is a must.

Take a Look at the Granules

It is a good idea to look closely at the various colors of the granules on the samples that are received. The majority of asphalt shingles will contain a mix of various granules that create the color. It may be a good idea to match these granule colors to the trim that is on the home. This will help ensure the exterior of the home appears connected.

Don’t underestimate the impact of the shingle color on the overall look and style of a home. Taking the time to find a shingle color that a homeowner loves will pay off. Additional information is available at theĀ  website.

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