What is Needed for a Restaurant Permit in Orange County?

by | May 4, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Getting a Restaurant Permit in Orange County requires several steps, approvals from different departments, and blueprints that comply with regulations from a few oversight agencies. The first step is Municipal permitting, which is dictated by zoning laws and local land ordinances. The size of the building, the location of the proposed restaurant, and the type of restaurant are all components that affect the decision. A large building with three stories, for example, may not be permitted in the middle of a residential area. A small sandwich shop may be approved in that same area. Before any land is purchased, business owners will want to make sure the location is zoned for a restaurant.

The blueprints for the restaurant have to be as detailed as possible to prove compliance with regulations. There are health department regulations, fire and safety regulations, building codes, and compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) to consider. A full-service and experienced company, such as Orchid Construction, for example, can provide designs and blueprints that are suitable for obtaining a restaurant permit in Orange County. They will also submit plans, complete the paperwork, and take full responsibility for getting all necessary permits. That will save business owners time, stress, and money. Beginning site work and construction on a building without all the permits can result in delays, large fines, and maybe even lawsuits. People investing in their first bar or restaurant may not be familiar with exactly what permits are required. Hiring a company that specializes in restaurants, from designs to completion, will eliminate common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs.

In addition to providing complete bar and restaurant services, commercial renovations are also available. Franchise updates or renovations of multi-location businesses can refresh an image, attract new customers, and increase profits. Facade upgrades, complete interior design, or complete remodeling are accomplished on time and within budget. A project manager coordinates the professionals, the materials, and the time lines for each renovation or new build to ensure consistency, top quality, and customer satisfaction. Protect the business investment by hiring a company that can handle all the aspects of the job from the very beginning of the process.

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