Why it Is Becoming Common to Find a Metal Ceiling in Long Island, NY Homes

In the 1890’s decorative tin ceilings were all the fashion and often found in upscale homes. Over time, they were replaced by materials that were considered more modern. However, as new generations rediscover their beauty and practicality, metal ceilings are once again popular. Contractors like Abingdon Construction now routinely install them in new and existing New York Homes.

Metal Ceilings Make a Fashion Statement

When clients decide to install a Metal Ceiling Long Island NY professionals can offer them a wide variety of options. Craftsmen provide and install a range of tin patterns, finishes, and cornices that replicate the charm of historic rooms. Installers typically work with metal squares embossed with unique designs, some very elaborate. Metal ceilings can be made from brass, aluminum, steel and copper as well as tin. They can include virtually any design customers want and are often painted. Suppliers make it simple for clients to Get more information about products online. Websites typically include photos of finishes that can include copper, chrome, stainless steel and brass plate. Providers also offer custom installation services.

Metal Ceilings Are Easy to Maintain

Owners who are building or renovating homes often add tin ceilings to one or more rooms in order to guarantee easy-care beauty. In order to maintain the elegance of a Metal Ceiling Long Island NY residents just have to dust it from time to time. Unlike plaster, metal often looks more charming as it ages. It is not affected by moisture and will not crack or fall if a roof leaks. Ceilings keep their shape and elegance for decades.

Metal Ceilings Increase Home Values

When they install a Metal Ceiling Long Island NY homeowners increase property values. That is partial because the ceilings add historic appeal but also because metals are resistant to the rotting or aging that can destroy plaster. In fact, clients often have metal professionally installed over original ceilings as a way to hide imperfections. Metal ceilings can also strengthen buildings and are fire resistant.

The elegant metal ceilings that still grace many historic homes are again becoming a popular building material. Homeowners choose them for their beauty, charm and practicality. Materials are easily customized, exceptionally durable and increase homes’ safety and strength.

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