Why Parking Striping Is Important For Safety And Maximum Efficiency

Without Parking Striping in a parking lot, drivers tend to park much further away from other vehicles than they would otherwise. This can cause problems for business owners during busy times because the way their employees and customers have placed their vehicles uses up too much space. Prospective customers can’t find anywhere to park. An additional problem involves drivers having to create rows without any guidance. They tend to view features such as light poles as row markers even if this strategy creates rows that aren’t in logical places. The end result is a haphazard array of rows and vehicles parked several feet from each other side by side.

Parking Striping also has the advantage of showing people the preferred driving areas of the lots. Although they aren’t bound to do so by law, drivers are very likely to follow a path between rows of designated parking spaces than cut across those striped spaces. Without any definition between driving paths and parking spaces, drivers tend to cut diagonally across the pavement in an effort to minimize their time and trouble. It’s a natural tendency, but it’s a risk factor for accidents when people drive willy-nilly through parking lots. This is an especially problematic situation in busy lots with customers coming and going frequently, such as in a grocery store or takeout restaurant.

Technicians from a company such as Highline Pavement Maintenance can develop a parking lot design that best suits the needs of the business. In retail settings, designated employee parking typically is in back or to one side. The bulk of the front lot is for customers. Business owners should have a solid grasp of their average and maximum customer numbers per day, taking into account the busiest days of the year. With this information, the technicians know how many spaces to designate and how much area they can leave for travel paths. Those paths are located between double rows as well as in front of the building. Spaces for handicapped individuals should be clearly designated, as well as areas for loading zones and places where parking is prohibited. Please visit the website  for details on this company. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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