Why you Should Consider Automatic Hand Dryers

by | Dec 12, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Business owners can be guaranteed that the purchase of automatic hand dryers will not only pay for themselves, but will save the company thousands of dollars. With an average expectancy of up to 10 years, the savings annually over paper towels adds up quickly. Why would anybody hesitate to switch then?

One common misconception is the time the dryers take to dry hands. Though in the past this may have been true, with all the advances in technology today drying of hands can take as little as 10 seconds.

There are also concerns that they are too noisy. If this is the reason holding you back, then consider the ExtremeAir CPC, which has a dial to adjust the sound.

Still not sure if you want to switch? Consider the use of fewer natural resources. Automatic hand dryers use fewer natural resources and also use less energy than paper towels. This not only will help your business become more environmentally friendly, but will reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint. American Dryer offers products that are up to 90% more energy efficient then other dryers for sale in the market. With this large savings in energy, the ExtremeAir meets GreenSpec standards. There will also be less maintenance costs and the use of dryers will reduce disposal costs. Think about how much trash piles up in a restroom daily from paper towels. It adds up quick, especially for larger companies. You won’t have to pay somebody to clean up the overflowing trash cans anymore.

Hygiene and a clean restroom are important. Critics will say that automatic hand dryers blow bacteria around the bathroom. The fact of the matter is you have much bigger problems if fecal matter is floating around the air and an automatic dryer will not contribute to making it worse. Once a year the cover of the dryer should be opened and the dust blown out, however if this is not done yearly it will not cause more bacteria.

There are many different options to choose from. Making a decision may become overwhelming at times.

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