Why the Aroma of Freshly Cut Fir Plywood in Ridgefield CT Is Appealing to So Many People

The sense of smell is strongly connected with memory, explaining why many people have a positive emotional response to scents like crayons, lilac and gingerbread. For some people, the fragrance of sawdust is appealing. When they go to a building supply store to buy Fir Plywood in Ridgefield CT, they appreciate the aroma of sawdust.

The Pleasant Smell of Sawdust

Why do so many people like the smell of sawdust? It brings them back to their childhood when they searched through piles of sawdust for coins at a family reunion. They might remember hanging out with their parents in a workshop or outside where the adults were sawing Fir Plywood in Ridgefield CT. Some remember the smells of a lumber yard where Mom and Dad were picking up home improvement products. Others associate this scent with cutting wood for a campfire.

Interestingly, there even are sawdust-fragranced colognes intended for men, since the fragrance is traditionally considered a manly scent. At least one candle company has begun selling sawdust-scented candles.

Fir Plywood: Grades and Sizing

Fir plywood has a broad range of uses. It comes graded for the exterior, interior and marine use, so consumers are sure to buy the right kind. The main difference is the type of glue used to bond the individual sheets of the plywood together.

Higher grades are sanded on both sides for a more polished look. Depending on the purpose, some customers will care about the aesthetics of the material, such as whether it has visible open knots. The plywood from a provider such as Ridgefield Supply Company comes in a range of thickness and standard sizes, but can be cut to size as well. A size of 4 ft. by 8 ft. is the most common.

Softwood and Hardwood

Fir is a kind of softwood, but that doesn’t mean the wood is soft. This is a botanical way of describing faster-growing species that do not shed leaves in fall. Its appearance when cut for lumber, plywood or planks is noticeably different from hardwood. People who want to Know more about us can view details at the website.

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