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by | Feb 2, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Public events and large private ones can create chaos, especially when they take place in an urban environment. While some parties and events do get wild, most visitors are well-meaning. However, accidents happen. Drinks get spilled, properties get damaged, and people often wander into places they are not supposed to. These issues can create problems like the interruption of urban traffic flow, a visit from police, or even fines.

When both the physical and behavioral boundaries are made clear, these things are far less likely to happen. Luckily, rental sources that provide Event Barricades in Chicago are there to make sure your event is safe, secure, and trouble-free. Below are some of the many advantages companies that rent Event Barricades in Chicago offer customers.

  • Typical barricades are chain link fences. They come in post-driven and weighted, panel versions. While the former type is far more portable, the latter type is much sturdier. Depending upon the customer’s needs, they can balance easy movement with strength.
  • The barrier rental service will transport the fencing or barriers to your site. They will even set them up and stress test the barriers to making sure they are ready to do their jobs. Rental companies are licensed, bonded, and fully insured. What is perhaps more important is that they are cautious and caring. They will help to keep trespassing and property damage at a minimum.
  • While these barricades are meant to be portable and temporary, they can stand the test of time. They will remain sturdy and in place for however long the customer needs them.
  • In addition to the panel and post-driven fencing, solid, corrugated steel erosion barriers are also available. These keep sediments and other construction materials where they should be. They prevent debris from spilling onto sidewalks and streets, thus eliminating clutter and reducing the chances of a fine.
  • All products are EPA and OSHA compliant. This means business owners do not have to worry about researching laws and training their employees in barrier use safety.
  • Crowd control barricades and orange plastic polymer fencing (to protect trees) are also available.

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