Answering Design Concerns About Post Frame Construction in Spokane WA

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

When someone first hears about Post Frame Construction in Spokane WA, this person may not like the idea for a new house. The term may bring to mind an entirely open space with exposed beams and posts, and not everybody likes this type of design. It might make them think of pole barns, with the framework in view for everyone to see.

It’s true that Post Frame Construction in Spokane WA lends itself well to open floor plans and rustic styles, making it attractive for people who love log homes and country-inspired floor plans. However, this type of construction also can easily include walls to separate rooms in the general living area as well as the bedrooms and bathrooms. It also can hide the posts and beams.

The main difference is that the walls are not part of the intrinsic structure of the home. That means they can be set up in areas that would be more difficult to achieve in a home with a more conventional building style. The homeowner can even add temporary walls that look permanent. A young couple who expects to have children, for instance, can easily add bedrooms this way without significantly altering the fundamental construction of the house.

People who prefer a more standard ceiling, at least in some rooms, also can have this done by the contractor. An example of a floor plan might have soaring beam ceilings in the living and dining rooms, with ceiling tile in the family room and drywall in another room. It’s important to consider any future changes in the interior walls, however, since permanent ceilings may interfere with those plans.

Someone who is intrigued by the advantages of this type of construction but needs to know more about interior design possibilities may Contact Town & Country Builders Inc for a consultation. This person can take a look at many floor plans and images that show the various options available with post frame structures. It may be surprising how modern and sleek the designs can look, and how well these homes fit right into a suburban or city setting.

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