Top Three Reasons to Install a Copper Ceiling Westchester NY

For homeowners renovating their homes, deciding to use copper tiles for their ceiling becomes an appealing option. Copper ceilings add class and impressive designs to a home. Their intricate designs are recreations of antique tin ceiling patterns. Beading, scroll-work, botanical motifs, and other attractive flourishes engraved on copper ceilings become an enticing and textured focal point in any room. The color of copper itself is beautiful and adds a sophisticated flair that attracts attention. A copper ceiling improves any decorative scheme with its rich, earthy patina and orange undertones. The metallic finish provides a reflective glow that creates the illusion of a bigger, brighter room. Here are other top reasons to install a Copper Ceiling Westchester NY.

Enhance the Curb Appeal of a Home

If finished and installed correctly, a Copper Ceiling Westchester NY can improve the curb appeal of a home. Copper ceilings come in a large variety of patterns, such as daisies, Aztec suns and autumn leaves, all that can improve the beauty of a room. The rustic exterior allows a homeowner to make a statement that guests and other home occupants will never forget.

It is Cost Effective

Building materials can be susceptible to cracking, moisture and other weather-induced issues. Copper resists water and does not crack. If installed correctly, copper ceilings can last for a very long time. Additionally, copper ceiling requires little maintenance. It can often be months before thinking about caring for a copper ceiling.

Copper tiles are Environmental Friendly

Copper is a natural and renewable resource that does not break down easily. Thus, it does not need to be thrown away as quickly as vinyl or wood. Copper ceilings withstand lightning and precipitation well, protecting the building from damaging environmental factors. Due to their imperviousness and longevity, copper ceiling tiles protect a home from insects that can get inside and destroy furniture. In the long run, these ceiling tiles allow the homeowner to save money and avoid the use of exterminators who might use chemicals that are not environmental friendly.

These are just some top reasons to install a quality Copper Ceiling Westchester NY. Contact Abingdon Construction for more info about the benefits of installing copper ceilings, and how to hire a professional to do the installations.

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