Benefits of Calling a Chemical Grout Service in Baton Rouge, LA

by | May 22, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

While it’s true that chemical grouting is just one of many possible solutions for waterproofing cracks, joints, water mains, and most other concrete structures, it is arguably one of the best of them. Whether business owners want to prevent groundwater infiltration into their mine shafts or they want to repair a concrete water tank, they might want to call a Chemical Grout Service in Baton Rouge LA. Read on to find out why.

Less Expensive Than Replacement

Alarmists everywhere have a tendency of assuming that as soon as a concrete structure begins to leak, it’s time to look into having it replaced. In reality, this is just not the case. Chemical grouting is a much less expensive option that is appropriate for remediating even large cracks. Don’t have any concrete structure removed and replaced until after speaking with a grouting specialist.

Great for Active Leaks

The most popular alternative to chemical grouting for fixing active leaks is known as the quick-set method. Unfortunately, this method simply isn’t as effective as chemical grouting and does not provide the same kind of long-term solution. When they call a chemical grout service in Baton Rouge LA, property owners can expect a practical solution to even on-going leaks.

Support the Soil

Chemical grouting does not overburden the soil surrounding underground or above-ground structures. It does, however, compact weak soils and fill in any voids that have developed around underground concrete structures, partially thanks to the fact that it is able to expand to more than 20 times its liquid volume as it sets. This further helps to prevent groundwater infiltration and more serious damage.

Stops More Than Water

Chemical grouting is able to stop more than just water and other liquids from getting into concrete structures. It’s also air-tight. Amazingly enough, this solution still allows for minor movement of structures even after the chemical solution has hardened, too.

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