Retaining Walls In Brookfield WI Will Support Sloped Land And Define Outdoor Areas

A property owner may be discouraged with the amount of outdoor space that can be used for decorative or recreational purposes if land is sloped or if soil erosion is a concern. One way to increase the visual appeal of a yard and turn wasted space into an area that can used on a daily basis is by having a retaining wall installed.

Choose A Material And A Design

Paving stones, bricks, concrete blocks and natural stones are some landscaping materials that are commonly used during the construction of a retaining wall. All of these materials are durable and waterproof and materials that are a solid color or a multitude of colors can be used to create retaining walls in Brookfield WI.

If a home or a business owner would like a retaining wall to possess unique characteristics, they can select a variety of materials and request that they are installed in a fashion that will resemble a pattern. A retaining wall will need to support the soil that is behind it. For this reason, the height and thickness of a wall will need to considered. When a client decides to contact Outdoor Living Unlimited or a similar business, they should relay some basic details about the type of wall that they envision and they will receive a free quote for the project.

Add Additional Features And Maintain The Wall

Retaining walls in Brookfield WI will increase privacy and provide a residential or commercial piece of land with a well-groomed appearance. If a retaining wall is a solid color and doesn’t stand out as much as one wishes, some additional features can be added along the front of a wall to draw attention to the wall.

Small flowering plants or vines can be planted several inches away from a retaining wall and the new additions won’t require much care. To maintain the appearance of a retaining wall, trim low-lying branches that are hanging over the wall and that could damage some of the landscaping materials that the structure is constructed of. Use a water hose, detergent and a scrub brush to remove dirt particles or stains that have formed on the top or sides of the wall.

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