Benefits of Hardscaping in Newport Coast, CA

Hardscaping differs from traditional landscaping because it incorporates materials like concrete, stone, brick, metal, gravel, and treated wood. The best way to utilize hardscaping elements is to incorporate them into the existing landscape. Read on to learn about a few of the benefits of hardscaping in Newport Coast CA.

Low Maintenance

Complex landscapes require a good deal of ongoing maintenance. Hardscaping elements require next to none. As long as homeowners work with reputable contractors, they can expect patios, walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscaping elements to look great for years.

Water Efficient

Water is a hot commodity in California. Incorporating hardscaping elements into a landscape allows homeowners to cut back on the amount of water needed to keep their yards looking great.

Extend Entertainment Space

Many forms of hardscaping, such as patios, gazebos, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens, create usable spaces in homeowners’ backyards. Homeowners can incorporate outdoor furniture and lighting to make full use of their yards and accommodate guests without squeezing everyone into their homes.

Reduce Erosion

Well-placed hardscaping elements help prevent erosion during floods. Retaining walls can hold terraces in place, gravel and boulders can keep slopes from eroding, and patios provide comfortable outdoor areas free of mud, dirt, and debris.

Add Visual Interest

Hardscaping in Newport Coast CA is great for adding visual interest to any yard. Aquascapes, fire pits, and gazebos all act as focal points, and fences, stone boundaries, and pergolas provide privacy from nosy neighbors. This adds visual interest to the yard and spruces up even the most boring landscape.

Increase Property Value

Homeowners who want to increase their home equity or prepare for a sale in the near future will find that well-designed and professionally constructed hardscaping features also increase property value. Professional hardscaping can also help homeowners attract buyers and facilitate sales.

The Bottom Line

Hardscaping a backyard is a great way to provide privacy, shade, and visual interest to any landscape while cutting back on water use and maintenance costs. Want to find a contractor with plenty of experience installing residential hardscapes? Contact West Hills Masonry to find out how this well-respected local company can help today.

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