Does This Building Need an Industrial Foundation Contractor in Washington, DC?

If a building is developing cracks in walls and floors or is no longer level, it is time to call an industrial foundation contractor in Washington DC. Homes can also develop foundation problems. There are many causes of foundation problems including heavy rains, broken water pipes, shifting soil around the foundation, or tree roots. An expert can examine the property and find the cause of leaking or identify foundation problems. Then they can develop a plan to repair the foundation, stop leaks, and remove mold infestations caused by moist conditions.

Signs of a Foundation Problem

If a building owner suspects foundation problems, they should look for these signs.

1. Cracks in exterior walls, slabs, hardscapes, interior floors or tiles, or cracks in interior walls.

2. Buckling or bowing in foundation walls

3. Floors that are sunken or uneven and misaligned trim or moldings that cause windows and doors to stick or not open correctly.

Small foundation problems and cracks can turn into big problems if they are not promptly repaired.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can be caused by several conditions. Trees can grow and send roots under or into a foundation, causing cracks. Improper drainage and lack of gutters can allow water to collect around a building’s foundation, exerting pressure and saturating the soil. The soil under and around a building foundation can move or contract and expand with changing temperature, which causes damage over time.

Heavy rains can wash soil away from a foundation. Nearby construction projects can change water drainage patterns sending water onto the property and causing damage.

Ways To Repair Foundation Problems

An industrial foundation contractor in Washington DC uses several proven repair techniques. These can include foundation wall reinforcement with steel beams, carbon fiber reinforcement, rebuild of foundation walls, push piers footer support, underpinning and footer repair, and more. They can excavate and seal with vertical faux foundation wall overlays. The repair professionals can also install hydrostatic pressure relief systems.

The foundation repair company can use internal CMU hollow block foundation wall reinforcement. They can repair cracks and fill voids underneath slabs. The experts can also raise and level low places on slabs and improve the lot’s drainage. The foundation repair people will develop a plan to fix all the foundation problems and eliminate the causes of those problems to prevent recurrences. Browse our website for more information on foundation repair services.

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