How To Compare Commercial Landscaping Bids

Receiving multiple commercial landscaping bids for an RFP can often create a challenge for a property manager. While lots of bids provide options to select the ideal company, it also means having to sort through relevant and unimportant information that may be in the bid.

To assist in getting started and ensuring the most important issues are addressed in all commercial landscaping bids received, make sure the following issues are addressed.


While cost is at the top of the list, it is not the most important factor. In all cases, if the landscaping company cannot meet the following three requirements, the cost is actually immaterial. However, when companies are close in experience, past record with customers and a top reputation for quality work, cost can be the point that makes one commercial landscaper a better option than another.

Experience and Expertise

It can be difficult to assess experience and expertise simply by going off of the information on a website. Top companies make it a point to have experienced, expert technicians, horticulturists, designers and technicians on staff to complete everything from irrigation to landscape design as well as to ensure your project is completed and the property maintained to the highest standards.

Customer Service Record

Don’t hesitate to ask the companies with the top commercial landscaping bids to provide a small number of references. Look for landscapers that provide references in your area and with similar types of landscaping requirements.

Take the time to talk to past and current customers. It is also a good idea to view past projects and current properties that the landscaper is providing maintenance services.

Ability to Complete the Job to Requirements

Finally, ask about the project format when comparing companies with possible winning bids. An experienced company will be able to provide a complete overview of their approach to your project and provide information on reliable, accurate timelines to get the job completed or to complete routine maintenance on a schedule.

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